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| Merola Resort Properties|
| |
Group 2Team 2| Statistic Assignment - Lecturer: Sienney Liu| | Team members: Nguyen Ngoc Bao Chau s3408641Dinh Bach Nga s3410233Huynh Minh Khoa s3409594|

Use Excel to create a histogram which displays the frequencies of different satisfaction levels collected from the guests in each of the two hotels. Be sure to include the two Frequency Distribution tables with your two histograms.

Bin| Frequency|
0| 1|
2| 22|
4| 24|
6| 16|
8| 23|
10| 14|
More| 0|

Bin| Frequency|
0| 0|
2| 15|
4| 18|
6| 35|
8| 15|
10| 17|
More| 0|
Satisfaction levels collected from the guests in
Happy Hotel

Distribution table
Happy Hotel

Satisfaction levels collected from the guests in
Lucky Hotel

Distribution table
Lucky Hotel

Use Excel to get the mode, mean, median and comment on the customer satisfaction levels on the two hotels (including a comparison of the two levels of satisfaction) based on these central tendency data Happy Hotel|

| |
Mean| 4.723|
Median| 4.5|
Mode| 2.8|
Lucky Hotel|
| |
Mean| 5.031|
Median| 5.2|
Mode| 5.2|

Central tendency data of the customers’ satisfaction levels on the two hotels

In...(text book page 58), “mean” is defined as “the average of a group of numbers”. In application for this case, the mean of each hotel represent the average satisfaction level among its customers. To be more specific, there is a slight difference between the two hotels: the mean of Happy Hotel is 4.723 while Lucky Hotel’s mean is 5.031. In comparision, these two numbers show that the customer’s average satisfaction of Lucky hotel is 0.3 times higher than Happy hotel. Thus, it leads to a reasonable conclude that customers averagelly seem more satisfied with Lucky Hotel than Happy Hotel. Median

According to Emerging Technologies Team of Fischler School of Education and Human Services (2013) in their Basic Statistics Web Site For Nova Southeastern University Educational Leadership Students, Median in the orderred distribution is the “middle value number”. They also emphasize that the Mean is affected by extreme values but the Median is not, hence the Median is a better measure for central tendency. Applying in the case of Lucky and Happy Hotels, the median represents the average satisfaction of the 50thand 51st customers of (because both hotels have the population size of 100, so the median will be equal to the average value of the 50th and 51st numbers as n2 = 1002= 50 Median =50th+51st2 ). In details, the median of Happy hotel is 4.5 while Lucky hotel is 5.2, more than Happy Hotel’s by 0.7 . This can mean that Lucky Hotel received more positive rankings than Happy Hotel ( because in orderred arrays, the middle value of Lucky Hotel reach 5.2, more than 5 – the acceptable level but Happy Hotel’s middle value is just 4.5 still lower than acceptable level ). As a result, based on Median analyzing, Lucky Hotels again can be claimed as the hotel which served customers better than Happy Hotel. Mode

Median, as this paper mentioned before, is a better mesure for central tendency. However, the Median has a highlighted disadvantage is that it does not use all information from given numbers (Black et al, 2008, p.58). Therefore, it is necessary to use the Mode, which is more approriatemesuare of central tendency, compare to the Median and the Mean. The Mode, as Emerging Technologies Team of Fischler School of Education and Human Services (2013) define, is simply the most frequent value appear in array. For the arrays of Happy Hotel and Luck Hotel, the Mode of Happy Hotel is 2.8 and Lucky Hotel’s Mode is 5.2 representively. One more time, it shows that Lucky Hotel’s customers were more satisfied with its services because the level of 5.2 ( greater than the acceptable level) occurs most frequently among its whole...
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