Business Research Applications

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  • Published : December 14, 2010
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Business Research Applications Paper

University of Phoenix


I do not particularly work for any organization, but the organization I chose to research is Wal-Mart. The types of thing this essay will explain about Wal-Mart are how Wal-Mart conducts research, and how it can be used more effectively. This essay will also explain the current research Wal-Mart has conducted and will also include which areas that more research is needed for Wal-Mart in order for them to continue their business efforts in retaining the title of one of the largest retailers nationwide. As a company that is so well known, many businesses still try to compete with the way Wal-Mart works and conduct’s their research. There are many different types of research known as research methods. Some of these include but are not limited to qualitative and quantitative research.

Qualitative research is a set of non-numerical research techniques in which data is obtained from a relatively small group of respondents and not analyzed with statistical techniques. Quantitative research is a collection of numerical data in order to describe, explain, predict, and/or control phenomena of interest ( Although Wal-Mart is a big company, there are many down falls they tend to hold on to. Wal-Mart also uses many research methods to gather information about the store such as products, customer service, pricing, employee fairness, etc. One research method that Wal-Mart uses is a survey method. I don’t know how many times I have been to Wal-Mart and was given a receipt that stated to go online and complete a survey and I will be entered in to a sweepstakes.

Well, I didn’t win the sweepstakes, and the survey was basically just questions about the Wal-Mart store and which areas if any, needed improvement on customer satisfaction, employee fairness, and even about Wal-Mart’s pay scale. Wal-Mart is a big organization but in my opinion lacks the research skills needed...
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