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1. In its broadest context, what is the task of problem definition?


The goal of problem definition is indicating a specific managerial decision area to be clarified or problem to be solved. This process specifies the research questions to be answered & the objectives of the research.

3. What is the iceberg principle?


The principle indicates that the dangerous part of many business problems like the submerged portion of the iceberg is neither visible to nor understood by managers. The actual business problem is usually not discovered because of the lack of sufficiently detailed information. If the submerged portions’ of the business problem are omitted from the problem definition & subsequently from the research design, the decisions based on the research may be less than optimal.

4. State a problem in your field of interest, and list some variables that might be investigated to solve this problem.


Problem Statement – Cloud Computing is considered to be the future of computing. Are Indian Consumers ready to accept the change?

Dependent Variables – Level of Acceptance

Independent Variables – Cost, Internet Bandwidth, Awareness on Cloud, Level of Computer usage (eg. Only for mailing, browsing, Heavy Processing, Gaming etc)

5. Go to the library, find business journals, and record and evaluate some hypotheses that have been investigated in recent years. Identify the key independent and dependent variables.


Research Paper Name: - ‘Does Management Matter? Evidence from India’

Authors: - Nicholas Bloom, Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie and John Roberts.

Available at: -

The research team wanted to understand if the modern management principles really work in the organizations. The research team provided free consulting to few textile companies in India and studied the result. Following were the observations –

a) Average productivity improved by 11% through improved quality and efficiency and reduced inventory

b) Increased decentralization of decision making, as better information flow enabled owners to delegate more decisions to middle managers

c) Increased the use of computers, necessitated by the data collection and analysis involved in modern management

One of the hypotheses considered by the researchers and the set of dependent and independent variables for each of the hypothesis is listed below –

Hypotheses - “Does investment in IT improve management practices?”

Dependent Variables – Computerization Index

Independent Variables –

a) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems

b) The number of computers

c) The age of the computers

d) The number of computer users

e) The total hours of computer use

f) The connection of the plant to the internet

g) The use of e-mail by the plant manager and the director

h) The existence of a firm website

i) The depth of computerization of production decisions

6. Evaluate the statement of the business problem I each of the following situations:

a) A farm implement manufacturer: Our objective is to learn the most effective form of capitalization so that we can maximize profits.


The statement is misleading. Capitalization is only one aspect to increase profit. So this is not the...
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