Business Report Writing

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Business Report Writing
The purpose of a business report is to communicate information to assist in the business decision making process. Some reports might propose solutions for business problems or might present relevant information to assist in the problem solving process. A business plan is a kind of report which serves to communicate the business model, business management model and the commercial objectives of a business. In general when writing a business report the following steps have to be followed

1. Preparing to write the business report
2. Determining the scope of the report
3. Understanding the target audience
4. research to collect supporting information
5. formatting and organizing the report
1 Preparing to write the business report
2 Determining the scope of the report
3 Understanding the target audience
4 Collecting information for the report
5 Formatting and organizing the report
6 Further Information
7 References

Preparing to write the business report
Preparation is key to write a business report. As part of preparation, doing preparatory research is imperative. The author uses available technology to find valid information using the following steps: 1. Identifying good search tools

2. Doing a topic search to speed up the process
3. Searching using boolean operators, wild cards, exact phrases

Then, the writer must manage the outcome of the research. The best ways to manage sources found online are to: 1. Bookmark the pages
2. Repeating the research frequently to find updated information 3. Establish the credibility of all the sources (are they current?, who published them?, are they biased?) After having found the best sources during this preliminary research, the author can now begin to think about whom to write it. Determining the scope of the report

In this step the author has to determine the scope of the report. This process would involve what topics would be covered in the report and...
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