Business Planning

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Everyone hope something in the future. But hoping is not enough anytime. We have to do something if we really want it… I think we have to work for our future. But working also is not enough sometime for reaching our targets. We must be lucky too… if we are synchronously lucky and industrious, we do not have any obstacle for our accomplishment. I consider to the future like a chess game. Actually, we cannot manage the game completely alone. We have to consider to the reactions in the game. Like a life, we can make some plan for future but we usually do not keep in mind surprises of life. Generally, I do not make any plan for future in the long run. Because of I do not want to miss the new better opportunities. It can impede to see them. I think we must be open the new ideas in all our life. If we completely come to a focus, probable we cannot consider to better opportunities. Usually, I prefer to coming to a couple of focus when I have to change my future plan I always have another plan. Therefore, I keep in view short-term and long-term for my plans. When I plan my life and my business future I divide a couple of parts or periods.

If I make analysis my current life or future plans;
Before, I consider my current life and past ‘where am I’ from my targets. I have an analysis my experiences and needs.

Firstly, consider to in the long-term what do I have to do? This decision usually gives shape to my future and business. For example choosing a university and specialty.But I think, it is not characteristic reasons for business life.

Secondly, Consider to In the short-term how to improve my experiences and try to know different people. I think relations are imported in the business life.
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