Business Memorandum Analyzing Market Feasibility in India

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analysis, the following conclusions were derived:
1. Scale the Philippines facilities to increase the production of parts and products created to supply the orders from the Asian markets, while decreasing the U.S. production. The countries in Asia we are targeting as part of our strategy are in high demand for our products as part of their global expansion and tourism. 2. Seeking legal expert opinion to identify all legal aspects for conducting business in India, as this country is one of our major targets. The logistics and trade implementations present several weaknesses that make the current legal data unreliable. I recommend that we assess best practices in the international sector and mirror for our organization. This approach will provide better information for decision making. The rest of this memo explains the basis of my conclusions. I will present my analysis in four parts. The first part addresses general global business trends. This is followed by logistics. The next section is trade concepts and best practices. The last section is focused on legal implications and business ethics. General Global Business Trends

My analysis begins by assessing the international landscape and the trends associated with this market. We chose to focus our sales approach in the Asian continent due to the largest number of people located in this part of the world at 4.1 billion or 60.4 percent of the world’s population according to the Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (PECC, 2010, p. 5). In addition to this factor, affordability for our products is also taken into consideration as well as the expansion in the tourism industry. These factors are favorable in selling our product for the industrial kitchen equipment into the hotels and conference centers channels. The opportunity is prevalent in this market as we are poised for growth, but the weakness is the lengthy sales cycle along with the legal ramifications which could show us revenues...
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