Phi 445 Final Paper

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Social responsibility Pages: 7 (2300 words) Published: October 24, 2011
Personal and Organizational Ethics

Benjamin Galvan

PHI 445 Personal and Organizational Ethics

Richard Burke

October 4, 2011

With all that is happening throughout the world in general and the economic crisis that is engulfing our nation in particular, this paper has provided me the opportunity to reflect on my ethics. Values and ethics are a part of our everyday lives. We wake up to these values and beliefs each day as they are the “rules” that govern us. Ethics is not just about morality; it is a complex dimension of personal and corporate life that can lead to higher performance by both business and society. All of us, especially those in the business world, need to make immediate decisions. The choices we make need to be driven by our ethics. Personal Values, Mission, and Ethical Beliefs

Personal values, visions, and ethical beliefs have guided my actions as a sailor with the U.S. Navy. As a future manager, equality, honesty, and accountability are the values that will allow me encourage my people to perform at the highest possible level. A better quality of living for others is a vision that will encourage me to fight for fair benefits and recognition for my people regardless of job status. My ethical beliefs will enable me to manage without prejudice, to communicate openly, to do what is necessary to maintain a positive working environment.

Workplace Values¸ Culture, Vision, and Code of Ethics

The United States Navy was established around the mission of wanting to provide high quality defense capabilities to our nation and to the community they serve. Their vision was to become the preferred global force resulting from nationally recognized quality, personalized service, and outstanding people. According to the text “The most influential institutions within contemporary societies may be their economic institutions. These are designed to achieve two ends: (a) production of the goods and services the members of society want and need, and (b) distribution of these goods and services to the various members of society. Thus, economic institutions determine who will carry out the work of production, how that work will be organized, what resources that work will consume, and how its products and benefits will be distributed among society’s members.”(Velasquez, 2006) The United States Navy prides itself on being a community oriented organization. Ventures into the community have allowed the organization to get an idea of the types of military needs that is most needed. For example, there seems to be a rise in the need for mental health services, so the military has put more emphasis on improving the care provided to this type of population and to teach society how to cope with these type of war related medical issues.

The most important values of the military are geared toward leadership. Leadership is what guides the operation and encourages sailors to perform to the best of their ability. Leadership values consist of setting positive examples in all we do; respecting all military officers, promoting unity, trust, pride, and teamwork; accepting and promoting positive change by taking risks, accepting responsibility, and being accountable for our actions; achieving high work life quality through effective communication and staff involvement in an environment of openness and fairness where everyone is treated with dignity, honesty, and respect; promoting dedication to the Navy’s commitment of achieving excellence in services rendered to all citizens; and creating a culture which emphasizes continued learning and development as stated in the United States Navy’s Administrative policy.

The culture in the U.S. Navy is multinational. Although different, we are able to come together as one to reach the common goal of helping save lives. The diversity within the organization makes it less difficult to communicate with and treat the various ethnicities that seek services in...
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