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Topics: Export, International trade, Business letter Pages: 5 (1324 words) Published: June 16, 2011
Structure of the Textbook:
Unit 1 Basic Knowledge of Business Letter Writing
Ⅰ. Form and Structure of Business Letters
1. Form
2. Structure
3. Addressing Envelopes
Ⅱ. Writing Principles of Business Letter
Unit 2 Establishing Business Relations & Inquiring Credit Reference Ⅰ. Letters for Establishing Business Relations
1. Importer Writes to Exporter
2. Self Introduction by Exporter
3. Exporter Writes to Importer
4. Self Introduction by Manufacturer
5. Manufacturer Writes to Importer
6. Letter Referring to a Bank Reference
7. Reply to the Above
Ⅱ. Supplement: Some Useful Sentences on Establishing Business Relations Inquiring Credit Reference Exercises
Unit 3 Enquiries and Replies
Ⅰ. The Letters of Enquiries and Replies
1. General Enquiry and Reply
2. Specific Enquiry and Reply
Ⅱ. Supplement: Some Useful Sentences on Enquiries & Replies Exercises
Unit 4 Quotations, Sales Letters, Firm Offers & Counter Offers Ⅰ. Quotations
1. Quotation and Reply
2. Sending a Quotation
3. Buyer Asks for Quotation and Seller Replies
Ⅱ. Sales Letters
1. Ordinary Sales--Promotion of DVD Player
2.Trying to Sell with Samples--Promotion of U, S. Dollar Bank Note Checker Ⅲ. Offers
1. Offer of Electronic Calculators
2. Offer of Refrigerators
3. Offer of Personal Computers
Ⅳ. Counter Offers
1. Counter-offer on Price of Refrigerator
2. Counter-offer on Price of Hand-embroidered Silk Scarf 3. Counter-offer on Price of Medical Apparatus and Instruments 4. Buyer Asks for Reduction of Minimum Quantity
5. Counter-offer on Payment Terms
6. Buyer Asks for Earlier Delivery
Unit 5 Orders, Acceptances and Rejections
Unit 6 Sales Confirmation and Purchase Contract
Unit 7 Payment
Unit 8 Transport and Insurance
Unit 9 Complaint, Claim and Settlement
Unit 10 Fax & E-mail

Unit 11 Case Study
Unit 12 Letter of Intent, Agreements and Contracts
Unit 13 Invitation for Bids, Bid, Notice of Award & Advertisments Unit 14 Social Contact Correspondences

Establishing business relations

To establish business relations with prospective dealers is very important either for a new firm or an old one. For a newly establish firm, it can serve as the basis fro starting business, while for an old one, it can help to expand business and increase the turnover. In international business, owing to the geographic distance which separates the seller from his buyer, businessmen usually approach the foreign merchants through communication in writing. Of course, there are some other channels such as attendance at trade fairs and exhibitions held both at home and abroad and mutual visits by trade delegations and groups.

To facilitate the establishment of business relations, a business man should first get to know the necessary information about the prospective dealers. He can obtain such information form various sources, including the advertisements in newspapers and periodicals, his business connections, banks and chambers of commerce, etc.

Steps of writing the letter:
1.The source of information (how you learned of his company) 2.Brief introduction to your own company (the scope of your business, little advertising in your products or service) 3.The intention of writing this letter (what kind of business you want to do with them, e.g. to purchase their products, to sell your own products, to enter into a joint venture with them, etc.) 4.Expressing the expectation of cooperation and early reply.

Sample letters:

Dear Mr. Ewing:

I met your business associate, Manuel Arroyo, at the oil Club last Thursday and he suggested that I contact you regarding the services and products of my agency, China Resources Mining and Recovery Corporation. Ewing Properties is, of course, known world-wide in the international oil exploration and extracting industry. Our...
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