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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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To| William Bill Van Dyke, VP Corporate Procurement|
From| Group “C”|
Date| 26 - Dec – 2012|
Purpose| Communication strategy for rolling out change in procurement policy| Attachment| Draft Memo for Plant Managers|

Dear Mr Bill,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bestowing your trust upon us for hiring us as the communication consultants on devising a communication strategy for the recent restructuring in the procurement policy. In our capacity, we would like to advise you upon the same keeping in view the current business season to help achieve the intended results from the change and to endow it with success. The communication strategy devised for rolling out the decision taken by senior management and Board of Directors regarding the restructuring to effectively cascade the plan at the required levels in the Company is consistent of following steps: 1. As Company moves from the long prevailing decentralized environment to a mix of centralized and decentralized structure, the benefits forecasted from such a move have to be principally realized to executor of this change i.e. the plant executives and plant managers; 2. The announcement must have a pitch that inculcates a sense, amongst the recipients, that change is instrumental for attaining the competitive edge in the industry. Indicating how the cost savings have a positive impact on overall margins, the notice may also highlight the gains that can be reaped from global contract negotiations; 3. In order to enhance the credibility and acceptability of the policy and keeping in view the cost restraints, it is suggested to schedule a video conference call with all the plant managers whereby the initial idea of the change can be floated. Such an interaction is not only perceived to be utilized to identify the reaction towards the change but also to make sure that the intimation of the change, via memo, is not taken as a surprise by the plant managers;...
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