Business Law Final Essay

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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Business Law
Take-Home Final Essay

When asked “what can Moon, Inc do to get its money from Bob Zimmerman?” I would address it by saying if Zimmerman doesn’t pay off what he owes then according to the mortgage contract Zimmerman would foreclose his house and Moon, Inc. would have the right to bid first. My reasoning is that initially the mortgage was taken out for the house and Zimmerman paid back loans toward the bank. If Zimmerman doesn’t pay then the house is foreclosed and the bank gets the right to bid first on credit bid. Now the mortgage for the house belongs to Moon, Inc. and Zimmerman pays back loans to Moon, Inc. Since Zimmerman has stopped paying his mortgage that means that when the house gets foreclosed Moon, Inc. would have the right to bid first on credit bid. Also another thing to note is that Bob Zimmerman suffered his accident while working for Neko, which means he can sue Neko to have him pay for all of the missed work and damages. If Zimmerman wasn’t working for Neko the accident wouldn’t have happened. In order to be able to sue Grohl about not paying for the white roses that had been ordered the contract made with Rosie, LLC, must be valid. For the white roses it is clear that there is an offer, consideration, and acceptance since both parties agreed upon the quantity, good, price, and delivery time. However, UCC contracts with a price over $500 are required to be in writing, and nowhere does it say that this contract was put in writing therefore the contract is not valid and Grohl cannot be sued for the white roses. When Grohl purchased the daffodils both parties agreed upon the quantity, type of good, a reasonable price, and time of delivery. All deliveries come with an arbitration clause and the two parties entered into a written agreement which means the contract is valid and Rosie, LLC, can sue Grohl for the cost of purchasing 1 million daffodils. Although the pre-printed invoice on the form that comes with the flowers...
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