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  • Published: September 8, 2013
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1. Assume that the state of Ohio passed a hazardous waste statute, seeking to protect the general public and workers. The state statute did not violate the Commerce Clause because it imposed no restriction on interstate commerce. Both the state statute and the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) established job safety standards and specified worker training and employer licensing, but the requirements differed. Which statute(s) Ohio corporations had to obey? Pick the best ANALYSISwer. a. Ohio corporations must obey all state statutes| |

b. Ohio corporations must obey OSHA’s statute and Ohio’s hazardous waste statute| | **c. If there is a conflict between a state statute and a federal statute, the federal statute will win and the state statute will be void.| | d. None of the above is true.|


2. The Equal Protection Clause, which states that governments must treat people equally, is part of which Amendment? a. The Second Amendment| |
b. The Fifth Amendment| |
**c. The Fourteenth Amendment| |
d. The First Amendment|

3. Article I of the Constitution created _______ and Article II created _______. **a. the Congress, the Presidency.| |
b. the Judiciary, the Congress.| |
c. the Presidency, the Congress.| |
d. The Presidency, the Judiciary.| |

4. According to Texas v. Johnson, flag burning is an example of _________, protected by the ____________. **a. symbolic speech, First Amendment.| |
b. pure speech, Fifth Amendment.| |
c. symbolic speech, Fifth Amendment.| |
d. pure speech, First Amendment.| |

5. Andrew is at work and begins to throw a fit because the copy machine is jammed again. In this outrage, Andrew was screaming out profanity. The company fired him stating that the employee handbook gives using profanity as a reason for immediate termination. Andrew claims that the company is violating his first amendment rights of freedom of speech. Is Andrew correct that...
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