Business in the Health and Fitness Industry

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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Chapter II
-This Chapter comprises the project background, the name of the project, the business organization, the location of the business and the history of the business.

2. 01 Project Proponents
- This section summarizes the primary information about the owners and their allotted shares in the business.

NAME| NATIONALITY| ADDRESS| TOTAL PERCENTAGE OF 3,000,000 or 100%| Wolsy S. Mira| Filipino| Villa Gloria Angono, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000| Jan Elizabeth Danielle M. Mendiola| Filipino| San Clemante V.1 Binangonan, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000| Rye Darryl G. Quintans| Filipino| Medalva Hills Angono, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000| Dhalia P. Maravillosa| Filipino| Mabuhay Homes Binangonan, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000| Jeneline P. Pino| Filipino| Exodusville Angono, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000| Jonathan L. Nueva| Filipino| Homepoint Angono, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000| Hannah Krishna S.A. Perdiguerra| Filipino| Darangan Binangonan, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000| Mark Melvin P. Mirando| Filipino| Floodway Taytay, Rizal| 12.5% or 375,000|

- You may be wondering why our company or corporation was named Hermaic’s Gym, simply because it is catchy to businessmen just by the name itself. Today marks the beginning of Hermaic’s Gym, which came from the Greek word Hermaic meaning a sculpture of an old man holding a long stick in his right hand. This man was taught to be the master of a gymnasium. Hermaic’s Gym is a kind of business that will serve as an entertainment to others met their personal fitness needs, offers great service and satisfaction to the customers. As entrepreneurs within the health and fitness industry, we assist clients so they may feel great about themselves everyday. With Hermaic’s Gym, we provide our clients a comfortable venue where they can workout, shape up and build self esteem and character.

- The type of our business organization in this proposal is corporation because as stated here in our planned business, the entrepreneurs were composed eight persons. As owners, we have different tasks and responsibility that are meant to be fulfilled so that the business will prosper as soon as possible. The advantage of this business organization is that it helps as to have greater room for professionalism and management and to have a maximum flexibility for growth limited of individual shareholders. Also, ideas may become diverse for more individuals are working to formulates strategies that can enhance the business itself. On the other hand, the disadvantage is that it is complicated by itself. A corporation has more details, since it is composed of many individuals as owners. These owners may have different preferences regarding a marketing strategy that can lead to arguments. Also profit sharing maybe an additional complex discussion if not cleared up in the first placed.

- Hermaic’s Gym is located along the TGIF Restaurant, Don Henrico’s Restaurant and Figgaro Coffee Shope near the Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. You may also find the Hermaic’s Gym along the parking lot at the back of Sta. Lucia east Grand Mall. We located our business in Cainta Rizal where many structures like malls. Restaurants and buildings are also situated. It is a stunning place for us to place our business since it is accessible to many people.

- Our team decided to have a business in the health and fitness industry – a gym. One of our members in the board introduced as to the world of health and fitness. We studied everything that pertains in this business, before we decided to venture in to it. We see to it that everything is well organized. After a long research on this planned business, we then decided to deal in this kind of business. In our long time of research we found out that in this kind of...
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