Business Ethics and Globalization

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  • Published : July 16, 2012
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Business Ethics and Globalization
University of Phoenix
Melissa Kearby

In order to best describe moral problems linked with globalization, we need to assess what globalization is. Globalization is when nations join financially via education, plans, and society; which allow nations to observe themselves as a branch of one. Approximately what could be incorrect with this? In regards to ethics, a great deal could be incorrect with this statement. Management of workers, distribution of authority within globalizing organizations, as wells as cultural corruption can all be reasons of moral concern with globalization.

In reference to cultural corruptions, globalization can be the reason for moral issues through differing cultures from nation to nation. Businesswomen and businessman without the capability to surmount and adjust to a foreign nation may lose business related transactions single handedly due to moral issues. In addition, other problems may arise which include white-collar offences offenses. When organizations send out workers abroad or employ workers from other nations, there might be moral concern for the division of authority within the organization. An unequal division of power inside organizations as a result of globalization can produce moral concerns within the community. In a few cultures, just being in a management position signifies the power to make waves. Various cultures might have various views and this can create troubles inside the organization. One more trouble with globalization may be moral concerns for dealing with workers of an organization. This may be a large moral concern, which will happen in a lot of nations. The United States for instance has rules for child labor and the security of employees through human rights. When organizations make a decision to do business with different nations, they have to deal with the concern for human rights.
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