Business Ethics

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December 6, 2012
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Business Ethics Final

Management in any given industry has to make ethical decisions. In an industry with recurring demand, it is the responsibility of management to balance the operations of the firm while making sure the company’s reputation is protected. When trying to figure out what is the most ethical decision, management will unavoidably impact all their employees’ lives. Nonetheless, an ethical decision must be made to satisfy the needs of the owner. Being a member of the management team I would choose to lay off 1,000 employees to decrease the company’s current problem of excess labor. Cutting back the work force by laying-off 1,000 employees may seem harsh to do, it is ethically necessary from the company’s stand point. Friedman’s methodology holds the management accountable to maximize returns to owners. That said, laying-off unproductive workers in a fair manner rather than a cut back in hours is arguably more ethical in the management’s decision process. In doing so, management will have fulfilled their primary obligation to shareholders at the cost of employees’ confidence within the firm. Management has a duty to protect their employees, but that also completely disregards why businesses operate in the first place; to make a profit. Management exists to optimize operations. Along with the layoffs, doing it in a uniform matter proposes that all employees are treated equal. Management isn’t basing it off their individual performance or does not seem biased by any means of producing the apparel. To avoid employees’ morale or motivation from going down management must reward individuals for the hard work put in. Individuals with seniority who have helped in the businesses success should be compensated as a result. This is an ethical decision on the behalf of management because it shows we care about our employees on a personal level beyond the basics. The compensation will also give employees an incentive to...
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