Jva Corporation

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JVA Corporation Simulation
.Performance, as well as revenue, is reviewed every 6 months. This way it allows JVA Corp. to cut or increases pay every 6 months and review its bottom line. Employees can also benefit by having the opportunity to earn pay raises potentially twice a year, rather than the typical annual reviews.

I t is my firm believe that to achieve the reduction of the percentage of revenue that is allotted to employee’s compensation from 8% to 5% without it having a big demoralizing effect on its employees JVA Corp. needs to make strategically costs cuts that allow the corporation to continue offering its employees rewards and pay raises for their good performance. I feel that this is essential to our organizations ability to attract new talent and retain the people whose performance stands out. These changes should not be permanent, but they should stay in place until the organization stabilizes and becomes profitable again. Some compensation packages like paid leisure travel should be complete eliminated for the time being, but not before explaining to employees that this is a necessary step for the corporation to take to be able to stay in business. I believe that employees much rather lose their paid travel expenses than to lose their jobs. Performance reviews should be conducted once every six months so that employees get feedback from management more often, but they will continue to be eligible for pay raises only once per year. The amount of they pay raise will continue to be determined by performance of the employee, unfortunately to be able to meet our compensation percentage reduction pay raise amounts will be 25% less than in previous years. Only that employee whose performance goes above and beyond of what it is expected from them will receive the usual compensation (Whit the exception of paid leisure travel). This is in an effort to try to retain talent through these difficult times. I believe that by only reducing the percentage of...
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