Business Ethic

Topics: Critical thinking, Evaluation, Citation Pages: 4 (602 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Individual Case Study (20%)

This assessment criteria and grading structure is used as the: 1. general guidelines for marking written coursework, and 2. feedback to the students for future improvement.

| |Content |Analysis |Evidence of Reflection |Achievement of Learning | | | | | |Outcomes | |20 |Excellent quality of |Extremely through analysis|Describes and evaluates all |Full synthesis of the | | |content; very wide range |of material given; high |events from multiple |module through the | | |of options considered, |level of self-awareness |perspectives; transfers |achievement learning | | |imaginative and creative |and aspirations; |concepts beyond that |outcomes and full | |17 |approach. Excellent range |convincing and lucid |particular setting; |understanding of the | | |of appropriate resources |justification of choices |recognizing and justifying |process. | | |used. |made. |the impact of a specific | | | | | |situation on learning. | | |16.9 |Very good quality content,|Very through analysis; |Describes ad evaluates some |Some evaluation of the | | |wide range of options |very good level of |events from different |Learning Outcomes. | | |considered, through |self-awareness and |perspectives; transfers some | | | |approach. Very good use of|aspirations; through |concepts; can recognize |...
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