How to Talk About a Visual Aid

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Choosing the right visual aid

A flow chart is a diagram showing the progress of material through the steps of a manufacturing process or the succession of operations in a complex activity| A pie chart displays the size of each part as a percentage of a whole | A (vertical or horizontal) bar chart is used to compare unlike items| | | |

A line chart depicts changes over a period of time, showing data and trends| A table is a convenient way to show large amount of data in a small space| A diagram is a drawing showing arrangements and situations, such as networks, distribution, fluctuation ...| | | |

Presenting a graph

Introduction| Topic| Circumstances|
This graph shows ...| the results of our products ...| over 10 years.| The diagram outlines ...| rates of economic growth ...| between 1990 and 1996.| This table lists ...| the top ten agencies ...| in the industrial world.| This pie chart represents | the company's turnover ...| for this year in our sector.| This line chart depicts ...| the changes in sales ...| over the past year.| This chart breaks down ...| the sales of each salesman ...| during the past ten weeks.| The four basic trends (tendances) are :

0 upward movement :
1 downward movement :
2 no movement :
3 change in direction : or

Indicating upward movement :
Verbs| Nouns|
Transitive| Intransitive| |
(to) increase| (to) increase| (an) increase|
(to) raise| (to) rise (rose, risen)| (a) raise (US), a rise (UK)| (to) push/put/step up| (to) go/be up| (an) upswing|
| (to) grow| (a) growth|
(to) extend, (to) expand| (to) extend, (to) expand| (an) extension, expansion| | (to) progress| (a) progression|
| (to) boom/soar/climb| (a) boom|
| (to) jump, (to) skyrocket| (a) jump|
| (to) reach a peak, (to)...
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