Business Data Communications & Networking Term Paper

Topics: E-mail, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Post Office Protocol Pages: 4 (1388 words) Published: August 17, 2012
Business Data Communications & Networking - Assignment I

Chapter I
Question1: How can data communications networks affect businesses? Answer: Data communications networks facilitate more efficient use of computers and improve the day-to-day control of a business by providing faster information flow. They also provide message transfer services to allow computer users to talk to one another via email, chat and video streaming. It helps business have more control & provide faster online services, transactions and also automate business systems like accounting, purchasing & tracking different internal processes.

Question4: Describe the progression of communications systems from the 1800s to the present. Answer: Data communications systems grew more rapidly and globally since 1800s to present, In the 1800s, it took several weeks for a message to reach North America by ship from England. By the 1900s, it could be transmitted within the hour. Today, it can be transmitted in seconds. Collapsing the information lag to Internet speeds means that people can communicate and access information anywhere in the world regardless of their physical locations.

Question23: In the 1980s when we wrote the first edition of this book, there were many, many more protocols in common use at the data link, network, and transport layers than there are today. Why do you think the number of commonly used protocols at these layers has declined? Do you think this trend will continue? What are the implications for those who design and operate networks? Answer: With more vendors to develop software and hardware leading creations of many new network models the number of commonly used protocols would be declining. The standards developed by an official industry or government body implements more & more standards leading to many standards-making organizations. The rise in these pervasive, integrated networks will mean a significant increase in the availability of information...
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