Business Communication in Spain

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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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Business communication is essential in the business world; it may be the key to success. These skills and tools should be learned and taken into practice in the business field. Due to the expanding businesses in today’s world, whether it’s to reduce their cost, or for expansion, many companies have taken their business abroad. Although many or all of us are familiar with America’s way of handling any business issues, it is also necessary that we are aware of other countries’ business communication and etiquettes. Spain is a country that has many important facts and business etiquettes that need to be considered when doing business in Spain. The main fact that should be known is that the predominant language spoken in Spain which is Spanish. Other important facts to consider include their way of treating co workers and others, the type of system business runs on, and what is expected in business meetings. Spain’s overview of business communication practices can be of great use for any future business projects that may be taken to Spain.

One of the first things that are done when meeting new people is greeting each other; that is why it’s important that business people are aware of the proper greeting ways in other countries. When women are close friends they usually greet each other with a kiss on each cheek starting with the left side. Men usually embrace and pat each other on the shoulder. In Spain they believe that it is very important to know exactly who they are dealing with therefore, they believe in having a close relationship with whomever they are doing business with. People of foreign countries should try their best to associate themselves with co workers and gain their trust. Trust is vital to the Spaniards.

Besides greetings another important issue is your physical appearance. Like in most parts of the world, it is important that you make yourself well presentable. According to an online article the author wrote “Spanish dress...
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