Cultural Comparison Between France and Mexico

Topics: Cultural studies, Intercultural competence, Male Pages: 1 (323 words) Published: September 28, 2011
Cultural Observations of France & Mexico Anthony Li Instructor Byran Than
MKTG 454
September 12, 2011
For my cultural study assignment, I have decided to observe and report my findings on France and Mexico. The two countries are quite stark in cultural differences, yet share an underlying theme of deep respect for their business partners and associates. I will now go into the analysis of these two countries and provide a brief explanation of my findings. France:

The country of France has a rich heritage and reputation for possessing unique cultural aspects in both personal and business life. Unlike the business culture here in the US, business employees are generally much more private with their inner personalities and tend to behave in a conservative fashion during day-to-day operations. First names are never used in business meetings and deals, for they are reserved exclusively for family and close friends. When giving a gift to another, items are given in odd numbers excluding the number 13 to prevent passing bad luck to the recipient. Unlike the Chinese and Japanese culture as discussed in class, opening gifts as they are received is quite common and generally the expected behavior from the recipient. Mexico:

In Mexico, the expected behavior in business operations can vary quite drastically depending on whether the individual is male or female. Respect in the most sincere form is generally reserved for males, which is largely due in part to the Mexico’s long-lasting emphasis on maintaining hierarchical relationships. Unlike the US business culture, it is extremely rude and condescending to treat your superiors simply as a coworker. Following the hierarchy of company positions is vital and the level of respect must suit the proper position at all times. Women are expected to pat each other on the arm or shoulder when greeting one another unlike men who use the traditional handshake until they become friendly with the other individual....
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