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“You can't do today's job with yesterday's methods and be in business tomorrow” Organisations and Management

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Introduction: Page 2

Management Functions: Page 3

POLC: Page 4, 5, 6 and 7

Management Styles: Page 8, 9 and 10

Change of Management Style: Page 11

Traits for Carl: Page 12

Weekly Review and Interview: Page 13, 14, 15 and 16

Bibliography: Page 17

1.0 Introduction:
The five elements of a business organisation are People, Structure, Strategy, Environment and technology. These elements are connected to management and work together to form the business organisation.

Management is the process of dealing with/controlling things or people as well as responsibility and control of a company. Management is also accountable for leading and directing the business. A manager is responsible for setting objectives, organizing resources and motivating staff so that the organizational goals are achieved. (Management , 2012)

Management is a broad topic and involves four main points Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling (POLC). People that manage something in some way shape or form don’t necessarily do it the same way and the dynamics of their organisation. Everyone has a different management type. There is no right and wrong but in cases one will always outperform another depending on the business situation.

This report will investigate the processes of management in business through a particular case example. Essentially the importance of management through POLC and management styles will be investigated and compared to an example manager. A case scenario in a business will also be analysed and solutions considered based on management style. The person interviewed for this report is Hume Turnbull. Hume is the manager as well as being on the board of Directors for Lansdowne Station. Hume has managed Lansdowne for 20 years and has worked as a station hand on other properties for another 20 years. Lansdowne breeds sheep and cattle for meat sale. In addition to Hume holding such a high position in the Company he is a major shareholder.

2.0 Management Functions
Management is all about achieving what you strive for getting a good end result. Management involves four key processes Planning, Organising, Leading and Control (POLC). Together POLC is responsible for significant portion of business management functions.

Figure 1 – The four management styles circled around Management.

3.1 Planning (P)
Planning is undertaken by everyone every day. Planning is easily the most important aspect of the four management roles and because it is so important means that it can be quite a difficult exercise to undertake. Good planning can take a lot of time but the end result can be worth the time and effort. Planning isn’t the only way to show planning a more effective way is using graphs or tables. Tables are generally better as they focus more precisely on the point. Generally people plan one year in advance but in bigger corporations the planning cycle can get up to ten years looking further into the future. Figure 2 – Levels of Planning

There are three levels of planning Strategic, Tactical and Operational. Operational planning is generally used for small business that focus on what is going on the next day, planning on a day to day basis and really only plan in advance for the year ahead not looking too far into the future. The supervisors or front line managers of the business generally do the planning for this time period. Whereas the other two Tactical and Strategic focuses more into the future of the business and generally is incorporated by a lot bigger...
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