Business and Psychology

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  • Published : February 25, 2008
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Business and Psychology
I came to Drexel University with the goal of earning a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. My concentration is Finance; I'd like to focus specifically in the banking industry. I chose this field because of my interest in working with numbers, finding errors and deciphering patterns. Drexel maintains a multi-faceted curriculum to ensure that students are well-rounded individuals. Allowing students to access various course subjects ensures that they are being exposed to all options for a professional career. There are countless stories of students who have a set major and then end up changing it after the experience of a liberal course (such as psychology or art history). My major, Business Administration, is geared towards individuals who are adept to leading people and managing operations. Business majors often start at the bottom of their company and work their way up. Drexel University utilizes this preexisting understanding in allowing students to partake in a cooperative education. The College of Business is successful in giving student the opportunities to network with companies and gain insight as to how an industry operates. The university introduces core liberal classes into the curriculum to serve for the common good of all students. Core curriculum classes consist of humanities such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, and various other studies. Drexel has made this class a requirement for all incoming freshman so that we can be exposed to personality traits and manners of other students. A course in psychology opens up a world of understanding about the human personality. Psychology, "from the Greek ‘psyche', (mind) ‘logos' (study)" is a field of study encompassing all aspects of how our brains work and where our behaviors stem from (St. Andrews, 2007). According to the Princeton Review (2007), it is the second most popular college major. Most often students choose this field to be able to analyze others, and...
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