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Importance of the user acceptance process -

The user acceptance process
The user acceptance process is vital, user acceptance testing is normally the last step before the software is rolled out, this is where the end user of the application tests the product before accepting it. The testing shows that the upgrade has met the criteria set in the original brief, for example that it does not interfere with existing software or that it performs a specific task. The tests will involve general use of the software, heavy use of certain features and compatibility testing. The UAP is generally presented to the consumer/ client in the form a terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are usually a long list of points and rules that you must abide by, it also states that you accept that the developer is not responsible for problems caused by the consumer. This type of terms and conditions can be found all other the place, when you install new software, example. This is very important since it provides the developer with legal cover should the client do anything wrong. The user acceptance process is vital for both parties, for the user and creator. If someone has a piece of software tailor made for their business then they would not want other businesses to have the same software they have just paid a lot of money for. Part of the user acceptance process is making sure that the software meets the customer’s needs, this could involve the software being configured in the right way for the business. Examples of configuration are: · Setting the software defaults (the layouts, Author initials ect..) · Having the software automatically load

· Creating shortcuts
· Data transfer and making it compatible with previous software files · Deleting temporary ‘cached’ files to keep the system running smoothly · Trying to keep the software in similar customisations so that training can be kept minimum The list can be endless, it all depends on what the...
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