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  • Published : January 31, 2013
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UNIT 29 – understanding retail
New Look –
Suppliers warehouse new look stores customers
This distribution process starts by the suppliers designing the clothes which they are told to design by there employer, they then will make these into clothes, bags, etc. once this is done they are sent to a warehouse which then checks through the clothes, bags etc and then puts them into bulks of which the particular store would have ordered. After this the order of clothes are sent to the New Look stores where customers can then buy them when they are on show. Known facts about new Look...

New Look handle 3million units of stock per week, this is why they operate 24 hours a day and are open 365 days a year, New Look have a transport team which delivers the stock around the country; they work through the night so they cause less disruption on the roads and our stores. New Look has a chain of high street shops growing from Britain to the Republic of Ireland. This store is a value based approach to retailing and the core products are clothing, lingerie and shoes. Morrison’s –

Farm (Manufacturer Morrison’s (Store’s) Consumers
The distribution starts with the farm as they supply the fresh foods for the stores, such as vegetables & fruit also Morrison’s have fresh fish, this happens so that the customers know everything they are buying is fresh and is the best available for them here. Once they are ready, when they are sent to Morrison’s headquarters they are then sent to smaller supermarket stores based all over the UK the stores would have done an order form and this will be seen and matched before sending the products to each store; the products are then sold on further to customers etc. Known facts about Morrison are…

Morrison’s is the forth largest supermarket in the UK, the headquarters are in Bradford. The company now has 455 superstores across the UK. They own a farm in Scotland and the reason for this is so there food is fresh and is at the best...
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