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Business Report:
Data collection involves administering instruments, as well as gathering and organizing responses for analysis. A well-planned data collection strategy is critical to obtaining reliable, consistent and useful information. Throughout the process you will:

1. Identify the purpose and audience

2. Develop or select your instrument

3. Pilot test your instrument, and

4. Implement your instrument.
•One of Dixon’s strengths was that it was able to hold onto a large

portion of the pencil market for almost a century.

•  Their weakness was that they were not able to compete with the

lower priced pencils being imported from China. 

•They did have lots of opportunities, though. Because of

globalization, Dixon was able to move the manufacturing of their

pencils to Mexico and China. 

•Their threats come from China and other countries being able to

produce pencils cheaper than Dixon could make them in the United

•Dixon Ticonderoga was one of the oldest public companies in the United

States. Dixon was the second largest pencil manufacturer in the country .

• Problem for Dixon Ticonderoga, began in the early 1990s when Chinese

manufacturers entered the market with low-priced pencils of good quality

and began dumping the US market.

•Also, the United States government could not save Dixon from foreign

competition. They lobbied against the Chinese and even had large tariffs

put on their pencils, and still the Chinese pencils were cheaper and better

made than those of Dixon’s.

•All of their attempts failed at cutting the cost of manufacturing a pencil in

the United States.
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