Bus Ticketing Reservation System

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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction5
1.1.Background Information5
1.2Problem Statement5
1.3Project Aim and Objectives5
1.4Project Scope and Constraints6
1.5Feasibility study6
1.6Justification or Significance of the research7
1.7Literature review7

Chapter 1: Introduction
1.1. Background Information
This project is about an SMS Based Bus Ticketing System. The system affects the Thunda Group of Companies. The company does not use any system to run their business. Everything is done manual, they use receipt books for bookings. The customer has to make a call to reserve a seat and come later to the station to pay, in some instances customers do not show up and this cause inconvenience to the company. If the customer is far from the station, they can deposit money into the company’s account then fax the statement slip to them as prove of payment. Conductors cheat by not receipting people or customers ………….. The proposed system has three modules. First module helps the customer to require the availability of seats in a particular bus. The second module helps to book a seat and enable the system to print out the ticket. The third module the system will also be able to detect and store the weight and time a particular passenger has sat on the chair. Why?????????????????????????????

1.2. Problem Statement
The main problem of the company is that, it does not have a system for tickets purchasing or booking of the seats. They use manual system, that is, receipt books to try and record transactions. This then make the system slow and unreliable since paperwork can easily misplaced or damaged. Cheat???????????? This proposed system will replays all the paper work. By using this system transactions will become fast and there should not be any error in transaction like calculation mistakes, bill generation and other things. It will keep records of all bills also, giving to ensure 100% successful implementation of the SMS based bus ticketing system. Solution cheat?????????????? To reduce the time buses spend at bus stops and avoid the extra costs of employing bus conductors (to collect the fares)

1.3. Project Aim and Objectives

* 1.3.1 Aim
To develop and implement SMS Based Bus Ticketing System
1.3.2 Objectives
* Design data structure to store all information and transactions * The system will print out tickets
* The system will detect and capture whether the bus was full or not.

1.4. Project Scope and Constraints
* 1.4.1 Scope
The system is developed for Thandu Group of Companies. The system will take 8 (eight) months to be completed. SMS Based Bus Ticketing System is the process whereby customers can order, pay for, obtain and validate tickets reference number from any location and at any time using mobile phones or other mobile handsets. It will reduce the production and distribution costs connected with traditional paper-based ticketing channels and increase customer convenience by providing new and simple ways to purchase tickets. The proposed system is a prime example of horizontal telecommunication convergence. Sensor??????????????????????????????????? * 1.4.2 Constraints

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? *
1.5. Feasibility study
* 1.5.1 Operational
An operationally feasible system is one that will be used effectively after it has been developed. If users have difficulty with a new system, it will not produce the expected benefits. The proposed system is found to be operationally feasible because of the following reasons: it needs only one person in the reception section, there is no difficulty in using the front end which has been developed. Even...
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