Bus Safety

Topics: School bus, Bus, School bus traffic stop laws Pages: 5 (1892 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Lisa Gilleland Gilleland-1 David Narducci
Eng. 1060-Comp. 2
15 November 2010
Bus Safety
In many states across the country there should be laws in place for school busses and passengers. So why are accidents happening more and more? Recently, a 15 year old student was hit while crossing the street getting on the school bus, with proper flashing lights. Do drivers not pay attention? there in such a hurry that they don’t see a huge yellow bus in front of them. In states across the country, like West Virginia, they recently passed legislation that drivers who travel in either direction who fail to stop when a school bus stops or flashes its warning lights may face felony charges and even prison time for the offense if someone is injured, killed, due to their actions (Tribune). In the state of Missouri, parents of a five year old that was struck and killed are looking for stricter penalties. The supporter of Nathan’s law want‘s tougher penalties for motorists who drive around stopped school busses. Should seat belts be installed in school busses transporting our children? This has become an issue in several states; The National Transportation Safety Board wants changes to take place immediately and is asking for community support. Many were disappointed when the house removed provisions from the law that required the use of hands free devices in school zones and another that would force drivers to stop ten yards from a stopped school bus (Washington Post). States across the country need to enforce stricter laws and penalties for drivers when it comes to bus safety.The tickets and penalties in Ohio are as stated a minimum of a five-hundred dollar fine and six month suspension of their driver’s license as stated in Ohio Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). A New Gilleland-2 Jersey teen was critically injured while getting off the school bus. The driver was cited for failure to stop and more charges are pending. In many states stiffer penalties need to be enforced before anyone else gets hurt? Only having minimum fines and six month suspension is not enough to stop these drivers from passing school busses when buses are at a complete stop. When interviewing a local bus driver she stated that “People pass the bus daily and are unaware of their own actions, my lights are flashing and the bus is stopped (PCHS).When talking to students of an area school they say that drivers are speeding talking on cell phones and just not paying attention (PCHS).

Should we pass stricter laws just like West Virginia law? The law changed recently ,they passed legislation that it is a felony and driver’s even face prison time for the offense if someone is injured or killed do to their actions. A driver who causes an injury could face up to three years in prison; a driver who kills someone could be put in prison for up to ten years. The law also increases fines for drivers who violate the school bus safety laws, and introduces the potential for a driver to lose his or her license- even if no one is injured. Maybe every state should follow suit and enforce these guidelines and drivers would be forced to slow down and pay attention. In an article under Expertlaw.com an unknown driver commented on a recent citation that was received he starts off by explaining” I never had any tickets or violations. The school bus was coming down my street from the opposite direction. Its amber lights came on as I was going past it, as I got past it the red lights came on and I passed it slowly. I received a citation I want to fight...
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