Texting and Driving

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Jeslin Kauffman
Persuasion essay
Texting and Driving

Have you ever lost a close friend or family member from them texting and driving or someone else texting and driving? I am sure you have been one to text and drive also as much as we hate to admit it. Would you want to be the one who killed yourself or someone just because of that one text? I have personally known two young girls who have been killed from texting and driving. Both were on the same road exactly five months apart. Here is why I believe every state needs a no texting and driving law to ensure that our roads are safe from those individuals who insist on texting while driving.

Every state needs a no texting and driving law because researchers have found that it quadruples crash risks. According to http://www.edgarsnyder.com/car-accident/cell-phone/cell-phone-statistics.html distracted drivers cause about 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries every year. While teenagers are texting, they spend about 10 percent of the time outside the driving lane they are supposed to be in. Talking on a cell phone while driving can make a young driver’s reaction time as slow as that of a 70-year-old. Answering a text takes away your attention for about five seconds. That is enough time to travel the length of a football field.

Here are some things about the law, According to www.drivinglaws.org/iowa.php the law prohibits texting or emailing while driving -- that means no writing of outgoing text messages and no reading of incoming. (It has no effect on the ability to make or receive phone calls.) The law states: "A person shall not use a hand-held electronic communication device to write, send, or read a text message while driving a motor vehicle unless the motor vehicle is at a complete stop off the traveled portion of the roadway." Typical exceptions exist for hands free devices and GPS systems, as well as allowing drivers to receive "safety-related information including emergency,...
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