Bus Flight 001

Topics: Motivation, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, Emotion Pages: 1 (366 words) Published: December 8, 2012
Case Study: Flight 001
1) According to the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, shanks old boss fail to meet social involvement for his business. She did not know her old boss in the company she worked for before because he failed to be more involved with his employees who worked for his store and with the store as well. The store was run by a guy who had his office halfway across the country. Making the employees such as shank feel like the owner did not care for his business so why should they care. I would say he would need to become more involved in his company by visiting the store once in a while at least once a month just to see how his store is doing and to be able to get to meet the people who work for him and basically run his store.

2) Feeling underpaid might affect work of a Flight 001 associate in a way that their motivation and desire to work for that company may decrease. The Expectancy Theory which is also known as the valance Instrumentality Expectancy Theory explains that people are constantly creating expectations about future events. If things seem reasonably likely and attractive, we will believe we could make the difference and therefore motivate us to make the future come true. So in this case if the associate feels underpaid he or she will not be motivated to work and make a difference, for what if he or she is not getting valued for her work. A manager could increase the employees motivation by showing them something desirable, indicating how straightforward it is to get it, and then supporting the employees self-belief that they can get there.

3) Based on the Herzberg Two factor theory, Flight 001’s are001 is doing a great job with the environment they are running I believe. In the Hygiene factors they are meeting pay or salary at a good margin. In the video a comment was made that it is important to be able to pay rent and get by. Obviously the company is giving a fair pay to the employees and to mention a great quality environment...
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