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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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BUS 499 BSBA Integrative Project

Barney’s objective is to purchase a new vehicle. He has found one at a local dealership and if he can sell his current vehicle and the snow tires for the retail price vice the wholesale price, he will have enough to purchase the new vehicle. Billie’s objective is to purchase a vehicle for her daughter when she graduates from college in three months. She will need transportation when she starts working.

Likely points of conflict are price, snow tires, and stereo. Regarding the price, as stated both vehicles are in good shape, so that should add to the assessed value of the car Barney is selling. It doesn’t appear to need any repairs so that should ease the burden addressed by Billie. The snow tires should be considered because I think this is a good opportunity to get them at a discounted price as opposed to going to tire distributor and purchasing a new set. I think the stereo should be discussed and that will only play a minor role in this deal. An automobile stereo isn’t essential for the vehicle to operate and be used for transportation to and from work or any other errands. Barney has a lot of power in my opinion; it all depends on his will power. Although he wants the newer vehicle, he doesn’t need it. His current automobile is sufficient. He must decide if he cant get the price from Billie he wants, is he willing to sacrifice the purchase of the newer vehicle. I think Billie, is also in a very good position. It doesn’t appear with the provided information she has looked at any other vehicles, and she has time on her side. In three months much can change, she could earn extra money, etc. I don’t think for a second either of these people is desperate for the purchase of either of these vehicles. It sounds like it could be worked out between both parties to compromise and meet the needs of each other. Billie has three months before her daughter will need a car, so she isn’t...
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