Burger: a School for Students with Autism

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  • Published : April 25, 2012
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In the month of March 2012, I volunteered at Burger School for Students with Autism in the fine arts classroom where students learn about music, fine arts, reading, and computers. I began my volunteering in the first week of March and finished my total of fifteen hours on the sixteenth of April. While volunteering at Burger, I was supervised by a woman named Michelle Orow, the technology teacher in the fine arts classroom. In the process of completing a degree in elementary education, I have enrolled in a class specifically designed to increase my understanding of students with different disabilities and the resources that are available to help them function and succeed in the classroom. While taking A Child with Special Needs course I received an assignment requiring myself to volunteer at an organization that works with children, adults, or both with special needs for fifteen hours over a course of no less than two weeks. Also, I am writing this paper because I am pursuing a career in elementary education, which may require me to have to the proper knowledge and skills for working with students with special needs.

Burger School for Students with Autism is a center-based and restrictive school in Wayne County where the age of the students can range from three years to twenty-six years old. At Burger East, the location I spent my fifteen hours volunteering at, students are seventeen and older. Eligibility for Burger School is done through a referral process starting at the student’s resident district Special Education department. The student referral process includes a review of less restrictive options that have been considered or have not met the student’s needs, student profiles, parent questionnaires, as well as resident district IEP assessment and documentation.

Once a person has become a student at Burger School for Students with Autism, the faculty is committed to maximizing the potential of each student to gain independence and self-fulfillment while...
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