Bully Is Always a Coward

Topics: Abuse, Bullying, Workplace bullying Pages: 2 (756 words) Published: November 6, 2012

“Someone with a pistol in his hand, power in his head, decided that a life was cheaper than a glass of drink,” says the infuriated Sabrina Lall, full of anguish as her own sister Jessica Lall who was a celeb barmaid at a bar in India was murdered.1 Jessica was shot dead by a man already drunk by the power of gun and influence that money can buy, when she refused to serve him the last drink. The question is: Is life or reputation That cheap? Where can we expect the justice from? The lawmakers and adjudicators have their own set of beliefs and they are ones who decide what is fair and reasonable. In a country that is based on the principle of equality and fairness, it is not only necessary, it is rather imperative that full force of the law is applied on people who resort to workplace bullying. Bullying has always been identified as a reaction to one’s own insecurities. The innocent victim is picked on only because the perpetrator identifies the person as defenceless. Not only is the person affected but due to loss in productivity, it is also the company that suffers. How does a company proceed to identify and punish workplace bullies? In a study done by a professor at Windsor’s Odette School of Business, it was found out that “40% of Canadians experienced one or more acts of workplace bullying..”2 Now, these were just the reported cases. What about the ones that go unreported? Having weak penalties for the bullies is as good as indulging them by not recognizing their act. What about the mental stress of the ones being bullied? Who pays for it? Can the stress and its effects be quantified? The world economic crisis is causing more than just materialistic misery. The mental toll exacted on a large portion of the population is incalculable. In the hidden statistics that often never see the light of day the stress, anxiety, and deaths by suicide. Workplace bullying or harassment includes malicious rumours, gossips, intimidating someone,...
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