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Part 1

Will baker
Reading response # 4
April 15, 2010
Part 2
Out of the Sweatshop and into the world
David Masello
The psychological effects on immigrant workers after the jobs in sweatshops After years working sweat shops many immigrants workers are lacking basic skills they need to live in everyday in America. Part 3

In the essay “Out of the Sweatshop and into the world,” David Masello tells about the psychological effects on immigrant workers after the jobs in sweatshops. Immigrants ,who are new to America , just focus on work which require hard work. This hard job keep immigrants away from the background of america as they feel problem later in their life when they protrude to interact with the neighborhood. Lo ,who has been working in garment factory, now faces problem with her new job due to accent. Lo didn,t ever made her visit to the well known museum near her home. Thus immigrants focus on working to make money and save money. Masello teaches immigrants English and believe that they are just from devil’s islands who have never tried to adopt language of America in their daily use or ever tried to make contact with the neighboring environment. Part 4

In the essay “Out of the Sweatshop and into the world,” Masello states “…. who never had the chance to learn the language of their adopted country or see neighborhood beyond their own”(271). I know how Masello feels when the immigrants in America just focus on the work rather than learning new language and spending time to interact with the neighbor environment. Prince , my uncle, have came to America from India. Since, two years he has been working in a liquor store . He never day a day off until it is very important. His accent did not work well as it should be for two year u.s.a immigrant. He works for greaveyard shift. Thus, very few customers come in and just do stocking work at night. Recently, he was lay off from the job due to recession. This made him tuff time to find a new job....
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