Building the Bridge as You Walk on It:

Topics: Leadership, Robert E. Quinn Pages: 4 (1440 words) Published: March 3, 2011
Robert E. Quinn’s first book, Deep Change: Discovering the Leader Within, expounded on the idea that changes in leadership styles and effectiveness required changes first and foremost within the leader’s self. In the years that followed, reader feedback provided Quinn with a new model of leadership, one that reflected leadership as a state of being rather than just a pattern of behavioral modifications.

Quinn, R. (2004). Building the bridge as you walk on it: A guide for leading change, San Francisco, CA, Jossey Bass (ISBN 0-7879-7112-X)

Thus emerged Building the Bridge as You Walk on It: A Guide for Leading Change. Ensconced in these pages of literature are valuable insights that detail the fundamental state of leadership, how you can achieve it and how to lead others towards it. Enriched with anecdotes from personal experiences of people who have experienced deep change, this book illustrates how deep change and entering the fundamental state of leadership improves relationships not only at the workplace but also at home and with one’s self.  

How to transform your organization by transforming yourself

When it was first published, Robert Quinn’s best-selling book Deep Change revealed that anyone can become a leader of change, but to do so requires the transformation of self. The book struck a chord with thousands, and inspired readers wrote Quinn to share their stories of how his book guided them on their journeys to deep change.

Building the Bridge As You Walk On It tells the personal stories of people who have embraced deep change and inspired author Robert Quinn to take his concept one step further and develop a new model of leadership--"the fundamental state of leadership." The exploration of this transformative state is at the very heart of the book. Quinn shows how anyone can enter the fundamental state of leadership by engaging in the eight practices that center on the theme of ever-increasing integrity--reflective action, authentic...
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