Building Lives for Tomorrow

Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: January 2, 2013
How a Step for Today can Create a Life for Tomorrow
By Zarleen Gem S. Regis
Every day I sit down to watch the news. Every day I see accidents together with its after effects of lives lost and mourning families. Every day, stories that would really get my heart shed tears concerns that of children—rightfully entitled for care and unconditional love, but rather have gone through abuse and neglect. No child is ever suited to receive an act of omission by parents, failing to act as their own children’s advocate. These children’s advocacy then extends to institutions, groups, and individuals who are best able to fill in the gap of welfare that is supposedly given from their first breath of life. “Run For Hope 2012”, is a fun run and advocacy activity for children in need of special protection of the Sunflower Halfway Home for the Boys and underprivileged students assisted by Project Daily Bread—a special project which intends to provide one hearty meal a day. This project is basically rooted upon the guidance councilors’ cognizance of the fact that some students helplessly skip their meals, thus attending classes with a lunchbox of hunger. Sharing the same vision as that of the founders of these institutions, a duly recognized student organization of Saint Louis University—School of Accountancy and Business Management called the Marketing Mixers arranged the said activity, taking the step to aid for people in need. I for one knew all along that there are individuals who are experiencing the harshness of life at a very young age. It’s hypocritical to say that no one is, because after all, it’s all over the news. We may think of a multitude of ways to be able to reach out to them, however, starting it off is far more crucial. Indeed, we are not all affluent but that should never be an excuse to stop us from helping because reaching out to them may not be that hard as we think it is, for activities such as the “Run for Hope 2012” seems to be pre-organized for us to...
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