Creating the Future We Want

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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The world as we see it today is a reflection of what the future holds. In the past, the need for faster and easier means of transportation made the Wright brothers to develop the aircraft. Question like “how, why” and so on as made great scientists and philosopher to make researchers and thus discoveries that answers the “how and why” questions that we ask every day. Therefore, it is our needs and the questions that we ask today that we determine the discovery and development that we make tomorrow to satisfy our wants. Since the future begins with the vision we hold now, As a student, a God fearing man, and also a habitat of this wonderfully planet, I personally view this life as an avenue given to me by God to make an impact on the way of life of people, the way they perceive the environment and the world as a whole.

A president of the United state once said in the Clinton foundation fundraiser for African children that” because he has refused to look away when someone was in need and refuse to assume someone else will solve the problem, he believes he would be able to help thousands of children in Africa get a future for themselves and their family.” As a future engineer who is devoted in using the little period of lifespan he has in the most profitable way for himself ,his environment and the world as a whole. I believe that by not looking away from the problems facing the society and not assuming someone else would solve it, thereby viewing the problems as if they are my own, I would be able to better the life of millions of people worldwide. I have thereby dreamt of a future for myself. Have dream of my kids and their friends tuning to a TV channel, just to find their father being introduced as the man who changed the face of structural engineering in the world. I dream of taking structural engineering to the level not imagined. I dream of a world where the less privileged people in the society won’t need to get a mortgage before they can build their own...
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