Brooklyn Bridge

Topics: Brooklyn Bridge, Washington Roebling, Emily Warren Roebling Pages: 2 (625 words) Published: March 23, 2013
The Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn bridge in its days was the biggest, most famous bridge in the world, it had the most beautiful suspension bridges and the most dramatic testament yet to American technical ingenuity and daring. The bridge indicated that there was no place like New York, no place like American in the 19th century .The heroic history of the Brooklyn Bridge and its construction is well known, its position in the American life is remarkable ,as is the infinitely unprecedented structure that it has never lost position. The Brooklyn Bridge not only remains like the proudest symbol of America’s greatest city and thrilling work of architecture. If the bridge was built according Roebling‘s plans, the bridge would stand out for ages, as an example of stunning engineering and work of art. Roebling John, a builder who left Germany in the 1830’s, and came to America to make his fortune. His suspension bridges in Pittsburg, Cincinnati and Niagara were already completed when he started his project of the structure across New York Eats River .Roebling John died of tetanus in 1869,after a freak accident while making the first surveys on the Brooklyn shores, before finishing his work, his Masterpiece “. After John Roebling’s dead, his son Washington Roebling was the only one qualified to keep up with the work that his father started. Washington Roebling continued with the project with dedication, intelligence, decisiveness and extraordinary courage, he was a very admirable man. Washington had the gift of being always where he was needed, giving it a minor importance to the danger of the situation. In the main stages of the Brooklyn Bridge Roebling son was always in and out of the foundations beneath the Brooklyn tower and down below the river more often than anyone, to the point that was stricken by the “BENDS”, a disease caused by leaving the compressed air of deep water too quickly, resulting extreme pain of the extremities, abdomen and chest. As a result...
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