British vs. Colonies Document Supports

Topics: United Kingdom, George III of the United Kingdom, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 4 (822 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Document 38: Debt and Taxes: The British Case
Author: Thomas Whately- member of Parliament
Context: Personal opinion, siding with Britain. Published book Considerations on the Trade and Finances of This Kingdom (1766) Audience: Directed criticism towards colonists, defends Britain; general public due to detail Purpose: Explains that colonists have no reason to complain, War fought for protection of colonists Significance:

Colonies are obligated to help mother country because England brought them peace and defense.
Legislature require colonies to support them but never intended to impose debt
Colonists won’t lose money by helping repay debt because it supports Britain
Colonies will later be given resources; credit goes to Britain for establishment
Taxing colonies is not forbidden-regulation of trade
Colonists have money to pay for taxes; colonies are flourishing but Britain is in debt
Through mercantilism, it’s OK to tax colonists because colonies are part of mother country + are supposed to serve Britain

Document 40: A Declaration of Colonial Rights
Author: Colonial delegates
Context: Political mutual agreement between 9 colonies, official document, Stamp Act Congress in NY in October (1765) Audience: British officials, Parliament and King
Purpose: Declare rights and grievances regarding relationship to Britain
Document is written with much respect = not looking to start a fight Significance:
Respect Britain and acknowledge that Parliament has power
State colonists have natural rights, no taxation without representation, representatives make decisions for colonists, trial by jury for all
Right to petition king
Profits from trade help Britain
Britain cannot impose tax duties without consent, and colonists do not have representation in the House of Commons in Britain
Exemplify loyalty
Document 41: Parliament’s Repeal and Declaration
Author: John Raithby
Context: The Declaratory Act (March 18,1766) and The Statutes at...
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