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  • Published : May 8, 2013
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The short story “Brigid” is about a man named Owen that has a mentally disabled sister named Brigid, Owen’s wife believes that the sister Brigid is a burden on the family due to the fact that she isn't the same as everyone else. The story takes place on a rainy day in Ireland during the 1930’s.During the 1930’s it was cruel to put a relative into a nursing home. When Owen comes home to his furious wife because she doesn't approve with Owen supporting Brigid. The two start arguing because Owen has a pessimistic attitude asked why “no one went into town” to buy meat, when their wasn't any meat for dinner. The wife starts arguing that He doesn't do anything for the family and only cares about Brigid. This argument dictates that the two have had talked about this and sets the mood as very tense.The wife believes their four daughters wont get married because the potential men will see Brigid’s disability an will not want to marry one of the daughters. The wife says that Brigid is a helpless creature and needs to be put in a home where she will get the proper care. When Owen’s mother past away his mother made him promise that he will look after Brigid, Owen pays for her housing and her food. Owen’s wife gets angry because Owen spends most of the money that comes into their household on Brigid and not on their family. During Dinner Owen and his wife having a harsh argument about Brigid, That Brigid is a helpless creature and that she was becoming a burden on the family even though she’s Owen’s sister the wife doesn't want her to be around her family at all, practically exiling her from the family. Owen tries to convince his wife that Brigid is just like everyone else, the wife gets angry and says that the daughters wont get find a husband due to the fact Brigid is in the family and that Owen spends more time with Brigid than his family. Short time after the argument Owen storms out of his house and goes to Brigid’s, Some time goes by and his wife starts to worry and...
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