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How successful do you feel CNS has been in trying to put their product in each of the markets it has entered? How does this success relate to brand equity?
CNS has been very successful in putting their product in to various markets around the globe. Using outlets such as TV and print ads has helped convey the message that they are advertising. The use of athletes in popular sports in different regions of the world gives a perception to the public that the product works for a professional athlete, why wouldn’t it work for me. Furthermore, CNS was very smart in listening to the consumers’ voice in different markets and cultures.

CNS has also been successful in finding distribution partners that believe in the product and know how to market the product in the region which they distribute. CNS changed the packaging because the color scheme meant something different to different cultures than what it does here in the U.S. show their willingness and ability to grow their customer base globally. Using consumer and market research to sell your product not only shows the consumer they are being heard, it creates a loyalty which will generate future purchases from existing and referred customers.

Successful brand equity allows an organization to introduce, elaborate and reinforce its message in each region of distribution. CNS has been successful in this due to the research and distribution that is they incorporate in the different regions where they introduce the strips. Consumers see a value in purchasing the strips because it helps eliminate problems they are having. Seeing popular professional athletes using this product in real life helps strengthen the equity of the product. As a Brand, how powerful is CNS's brand image (not the Breathe Right Strips -- rather, the company, CNS)? The CNS name is not large enough on its own to project a strong brand image. They use different distributors and the Breathe Right brand to carry their product in the U.S....
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