Breast Cancer Research Paper

Topics: Cancer, Breast cancer, Oncology Pages: 9 (3469 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Elijah Yap
English II
Mrs. Dudley
Part One
The topic I picked to do my I-Search on is cancer. I picked this topic because I want to go into the field of medical research on cancer; it has always been my dream to find a way to cure cancer. The knowledge of this topic at my early age I think will help me figure if I want to continue on my path or whether to detour and go into another field. From what I have learned over the years about cancer is that it is a mutation of a cell to make it infectious to other cells and it also makes the cell growth uncontrollable. If the cell is benign it is a usually a tumor and if it is malignant it is usually a cancer cell. I also learned that we sometimes have cancer cells but if our immune system is strong our bodies can get rid of them. By the end of my research on this topic I hope to learn exactly how a cancer is formed and how the doctors determine if it is benign or malignant. When I am looking for someone to interview I will start at my church because there are many doctors who I think work in that general field.

Breast Cancer
A. What is cancer?
B. There are many types so this paper will only cover breast cancer. I. What is Breast Cancer?
A. Breast Cancer
1. Tumor that formed in the chest.
2. Men can get it.
B. Who gets it?
1. Mostly Women get breast cancer.
2. 1 in every 8 women get breast cancer.
II. Causes and Risks
A. Ongoing research to find the cause of breast cancer.
B. Although they are unsure of the cause they know of some risks factors that are linked to the disease. 1. Age
2. Family history
3. Ethnicity
a. Caucasian women are most diagnosed
b. African American women have the most deaths from breast cancer c. Asian, Hispanic, and Native American women are less likely to get breast cancer. 4. Alcohol Consumption
5. Family Planning Choices
a. If a woman does not have a baby or has a baby after 30, she is more likely to get breast cancer. 6. Genetics
III. Foundations for the cause
A. Breast cancer societies
B. Breast cancer foundations
C. The walk for breast cancer
1. There are even bracelets for the cause.
A. What is breast cancer
1. Tumor in the chest.
B. Men can get it
C. Keep healthy
1. Do not drink alcohol
2. Check yourself for breast cancer often
D. Help the cause.
1. Donate
The Search:
When I first thought of this subject I thought to myself, “this is going to be really boring” but in fact it was extremely fun. I did most of my research online because I could not find people who were experts on breast cancer. As I was going through I learned many new things. For one, I did not know that more African American women die from breast cancer but more Caucasian women get breast cancer. As I studied my topic I learned many new things and I shared them with my mother so she could minimize her chances of getting breast cancer. I also asked my brother, who is in med school, about things I knew because I wanted to test him and make myself feel smarter. In trying to make myself feel smarter compared to my brother, I was completely shut down because he knew all of the information. When I first started my essay I wanted to do my report on cancer in general, but when I research a little about it I was surprised at how much there was on cancer. After my initial thought, I decided to make my I-Search about breast cancer. I thought of doing brain cancer because the brain intrigues me, but I have seen many organizations about the fight against breast cancer and I see many wrist bands supporting the cause also so I choose to do breast cancer. When I can to a close in my research about breast cancer I felt like I had learned a lot from my research. There has always been a want in me to cure what cannot be cured and breast cancer is one of the things that I want to be able to cure. Now that I...
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