Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez Lessons Learned

Topics: Work ethic Pages: 2 (690 words) Published: December 20, 2011
Top 10: Book Lessons
Breaking Through by Francisco Jimenez

1. Breaking down barriers
To break down a barrier, means to have an open-mind set to who you talk to, look at, and judge. In the book, Francisco experiences racial barriers that are created in his school. The students at his school easily judge others by their appearances and race. Since Francisco is Mexican, he is treated differently than others and faces hard times as he tries to “fit in”. 2. Striving for a better way of life

The Jimenez’s come to America to strive for a better life and lifestyle. They search for job opportunities and a proper education for their children. Despite the fact they are here illegally, they work and go to school like normal human beings. The Jimenez’s set an example for most illegal immigrants that cross the border. 3. Helping to support your family

Francisco Jimenez is constantly working hard in school so he can hopefully receive a scholarship and the grades to go to a good college. His mind is set so that it is family first before school. Even though Francisco gets pulled out numerous of times out of class, he makes the grade he wants. He helps in the field to make more money so that hopefully their family can buy their way in legally. 4. Having a strong work ethic

Having a strong work ethic means to be a dedicated worker and to be honest and trustworthy. Francisco’s family constantly works to make money to be legally in America. They work hard and they receive little pay. I learned that even if you receive little pay, you should still work on having a good work ethic so maybe, hopefully, you will be granted a higher wage. 5. The value of education

This book made me realize that a good education can take you a long way. Education soon leads to work which is gifted with a payroll. Francisco knows the value of education and works hard on getting good grades so that he can make money and help his family pay for their needs. 6. Encountering racism

In the book,...
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