Breaking Promise Are Part of Growing Up

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Resort LA Torre
Website Application

Created: June 14, 2012


Revision History2
Functional Hierarchy5
Functional Details6
[2.0] Website7
[2.1] Landing Page8
[2.2] Show Results9
[2.3] Compare Results10
[2.4] Add Friends11
Control Workflow12
System Requirements15

Revision History
Name| Date| Reason For Changes| Version|
Absar Ali| June 14, 2012| Created first draft| 1.0|
Arsalan Ali| June 26, 2012| Revised Draft| 2.0|

This document presents the detailed scope of work for Resort La Torre - a project of Luigi Rotunno. The purpose of this document is to give an all-encompassing view of the project by outlining the key factors critical to achieving overall project success, such as; scope, functional hierarchy, functional details, development process, workflows, policies and liability agreements. The document aims to establish a clear understanding with the client so as to ensure that end-product meets client’s needs and expectations and the development process, once it commences, can proceed smoothly and efficiently with minimum ambiguity and delays from either of the parties involved. Policies

The following policies are observed by Avenue Social during the development and delivery of the project. * Avenue Social will not be responsible for data entry.
* Design changes after 30% of the project completion would not be entertained. This refers to major design overhauls and does not include optimization techniques. * Timeline can vary due to client feedback and other circumstances. * All changes made outside the Scope of Work after document after its approval will be subject to extra charges depending on the depths of said changes. * If the client requests for the project to be canceled at any point for any reason, 10% of the amount paid by the client...
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