Agency Policy

Topics: Human rights, Police, Management Pages: 2 (401 words) Published: November 4, 2010
Police, prosecuting and court organizations which implements the state main duties and obligations to protect the human rights , to prevent the human being against the criminal attack and to provide the social safety, peace and tranquility might have to reach to positive results by pursuing the right policy within their authority. The above mentioned organizations should pay attention in every step to what policy would be efficient what they must pursue for their duties to reach more result and achievements . the right proper policy is very significant for implementing the obligations successfully assumed by the legislation. Police organization has the obligations to protect social discipline , to fight against crime committing , to prevent preliminarily against the crime which might be happened. There is need to work out much policy for implementing these measures. For instance to seek , to select the candidates and human resource cadres who will work at police organization , to appoint them to the convenient related jobs , to train and to qualify the appointed employees who have been working , also there is requirement to carry out the right policy on many issues such as who implements better the current job, who does the job fit etc. The policy on structure police organization, its methodology, and equipment being used by the police organizations is necessary to be planned first of all . Performance of the assumed obligations depends on the policy and plan of the originations. It is considered that the operation of police organizations in many countries was improved in the result of carrying out the proper policy to introduce and use the advanced technology for police organization. For example, the location of police patrol cars is controlled by camera so it became possible to define the police officers’ exact location where they should secure the social peace and...
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