Breakfast Club

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The Breakfast Club (1985) Midterm Paper

The movie “The Breakfast Club” portrays five main characters all from a different set of cliques in Saturday morning detention in an Illinois high school. Their detention is a result of myriad violations. Each character has different stereotypes, home lives, and issues but find out they have several similarities. The theme of this movie is to accept yourself for who you are. This movie focuses on different people getting to know and get along with each other based on school, different people, and social groups. Each character learns how to do this in their own ways. The five main characters are named Andrew Clark; Brian Johnson; Claire Standish; John Bender; and Allison Reynolds. These characters wrestle with self-acceptance; longs for parental approval; and fight against peer pressure.

The objective of these students are to write an essay of no less than one thousand words about who they think they are. This is given to them by their principal/ warden for the day, Richard “Dick” Vernon, played by Paul Xavier Gleason. He tries to keep them in their separate cliques by telling them to remain quiet and stating that any monkey business is ill-advised. He starts out by saying “It is now 7:06. You have exactly 8 hours and 54 minutes to think about WHY you are here - to ponder the error of your ways. You will not talk... you will now move... from these seats.”

Andrew Clark, played by Emilio Estevez, is an athlete, a jock, and a “sporto.” He is currently on the high school wrestling team. His dad is always pushing him to do better since he doesn’t want his son to be a loser because that’s not “acceptable” in his family. Andrew learns to accept the pressure and his wrestling life, although he doesn’t want to be in it. He also learns to accept the fact that taping Larry Lester’s butt cheeks was very wrong and the fact that his dad was okay with it and wanted him to do worse to Larry was also wrong.

Brian Johnson, played by...
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