Breakfast Club

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Who ever thought a detention can bring so many experiences? During the Breakfast club, Andrew Clarke and Bryan Johnson have shown characteristics that are very similar to me. While John Bender has shown characteristics and personalities that are complete opposite to my personality. I relate to Andrew Clarke’s characteristics because he is an athlete, respectful to others and gets easily angered in which is what I am since I am also an athlete, respectful to others and get angry easily. I also relate to Bryan Johnson characteristics because he is smart, obedient, and he is a peacekeeper to others and I am also smart in school, I am obedient and a peacekeeper to others. Finally, John Bender is a know it all, has no motivation and a loud mouth and I have motivation for my work and I am not a loud mouth. Andrew Clarke during the movie has shown characteristics that are very similar to my personality in lots of ways. First of all, Andrew is an athlete. He has shown this by the clothes that he is wearing since he wore a sports jacket and by the way he talks, and how he fought John Bender in the beginning of the movie. I relate to this because I play lots of sports such as tennis, soccer and badminton, and I am physically fit. Since I am good at these sports I believe that I am an athlete. Andrew is respectful to everyone during the movie. He has shown this when John was picking on Bryan and Claire, but he stopped John and respected Bryan and Claire and gave them their attention. I relate to this because I also respect people who are getting bullied by helping them when they are being accused and comforting them. Finally, Andrew has shown that he gets angry easily. He has shown this when John Bender makes fun of him during the beginning and he kept on shouting back and he always tried to fight John Bender thinking he can beat him. I also relate to this because I always get angry when people make fun of me since it is irritating and I get annoyed when they repeat it over...
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