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Title: Financial report

The service dominant logic concept has emerged from the literature of strategic marketing, B2B marketing, relationship marketing and service marketing. Evaluate its usefulness to marketing practice.

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|Description |Page | |Introduction |1 | |The new marketing perspective and its usefulness – Service- Dominant Logic |1- 3 | |Service-dominant logic in Business to Business (B2B) Marketing and its usefulness |3-4 | | | | |Service-dominant logic in Service Marketing (Business to Consumer (B2C) Marketing) and its usefulness |4-6 | |Service-dominant logic in Relationship Marketing and its usefulness |6-7 | |Overall benefits for adopting service-dominant logic in marketing |7-8 | |Criticisms of service-dominant logic |8-9 | |Conclusion |9 | |References |10-12 | |Appendix |13 |


In April 2000, Breadtalk group started its business in Singapore and was incoporated in 6 March 2003 as an investment holding company, listed Singapore exchange (references) The prinicipal and initial business for Breadtalk is selling buns, pastries , cakes and breads . Breadtalk expanded it business over the last decade rapidly and besides bakery their business now fall into food atrium and restaurant. Its brand portfolio comprises BreadTalk®, Toast Box, Food Republic, Din Tai Fung, The Icing Room, RamenPlay and Carl’s Jr China Since 2003, breadtalk had franchise more than 500 food and beverage outlets over 16 different countries which include China, Indonesia and Malaysis etc ( reference) .

In 2011, Breadtalk announced their vison for the next decade . Moving forward the next ten years, Breadtalk target to open more than 100 outlet throughout the world and build a 10 story New international headquaters in Singapore. This headquater will include a Breatalk group trainig acedemy preparation and delivery of their food.

With reference to the Breadtalk annual report in 2011, This report dated 12 Oct 2012 will will discuss on the Breadtalk Group limited finanical performance based on their profitability and efficacy for the past 3 years. from FY 2009- FY 2011ended 31st December for all 3 years. Next ,the paper will state the company finanical position by looking at the size , security and return of investment. This paper will also looked at the market position of Breadtalk and compare it with another food and Beverage company. Lastly, this paper will give some recommendation on whether Breadtalk is worth considering as a trading partner.

Finanical Performance: Profitability

The profitability of a company depends on borrowing cost, product life cycle, and competitive conditions in the industry and product life cycle (Dyson, 1997) To measure profitability one way is to look at...
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