Brazil's Location; Capital/Government

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Brazil is one of the many countries in South America. It is the largest country, and takes up almost half of the whole continent. It is on the east, along the Atlantic Ocean. It has a number of oceanic archipelagos in addition to its mainland area. Brazil is bordered by every other country in South America except Chile and Ecuador. All of the countries that Brazil borders are French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina. Brazil is located at 10 00 S and 55 00 W. Many people would say that it has a prime location for exporting because it is so close to the Atlantic Ocean. Brazil takes advantage of its location and does export many goods. Brazil’s capital is Brasilia. Brasilia has not always been the capital, but after it’s planning and development in 1956, it was clear it was the right choice. On April 22, 1960 it was officially named the capital of Brazil, and has been ever since then. Brasilia and its district are found in the Central-West region of Brazil. It has a population of about 2,557,000 people, making it the fourth largest city. Brasilia was planned so spectacularly, that it is what many other countries look to as a reference for planning their cities. It even has specific portions of land set aside for different things. Looking at Brasilia from above, the main part of it looks like an airplane or a butterfly. It looks like either depending on how you look at it. Brasilia has even earned itself the nickname Capital Federal. The government in Brazil is very unique. It is a Federal Republic, making Brazil’s official name the Federal Republic of Brazil. Brazil’s government is a lot like the United States’s government. For starters, they have an executive, legislative, and judicial branch too. Also, Brazil’s people vote for their leaders. The Brazilian people elect leaders to serve in the National Congress. The National Congress has two parts, which are the Federal Senate and the Chamber of Deputies....
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