Braveheart: Leadership and William Wallace

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Sherry Iovinelli
Texas A&M University-Commerce

Part A: Would you have followed William Wallace?
The movie Braveheart is based on the life of William Wallace. He was a Scotsman in the 13th century, who formed a crusade to fight the murderous King of England. He wanted to return the rule of Scotland to its people. Wallace was a warrior, a patriot, and a hero to Scotland. Wallace was a leader.

In the movie William Wallace was a great politician, speaker and motivator. Wallace earned great respect from not only his followers, but from his enemies. He was able to give speeches that inspired his followers and gave them direction and guidance. Wallace pledged his ambitions positively and clearly. He generated vision and change by believing in himself. He was optimistic, creative and committed. He never gave up regardless of his constraints.

The leadership skills of William Wallace would have worked in organizations today. According to Cummings (2005), a leader needs “self-management, the ability to lead others and task management.” Wallace was sure. He knew what he wanted and was going to get it. He was convincing and energizing. He guided, strengthened and cultivated. Wallace anticipated, removed barriers and displayed problem solving abilities.

Leadership speaker, Michael Hyatt (2005), says that
Inspirational leaders can inspire others to give their best efforts for the sake of a great cause. Inspirational leaders have four characteristics in common…. 1. Inspirational leaders set the pace. True leaders don’t ask their people to do anything they are unwilling to do. 2. Inspirational leaders believe in the future. They give people hope that things can be better, and they have a plan for making it so. 3. Inspirational leaders connect people to the larger story. They want people to know that their work matters. 4. Inspirational leaders’ help people believe in themselves. Circumstances constantly conspire to undermine our...
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