Branding Yoga

Topics: Bikram Choudhury, Yoga styles, Yoga Pages: 4 (1161 words) Published: November 9, 2012
Marketing Management

Professor: Dr. Todd Arnold

Student: Rodrigo Jesús Ramírez Martagón Bachelor of Business Administration

Case: Branding Yoga


Yoga in 2008 just in America has become a 5.7 billion business (Yoga in America, 2008) and had almost 16 million people were practitioners of yoga, (Yoga Journal, 2008). Nowadays there are more than 22 million people practicing yoga (United Stated Yoga Federation, 2012). Gender of US yoga practitioners are 72.2% Female and 27.8% Male. 44% Percentage of U.S. yoga practitioners with household income of more than $75,000; 24% earn more than $100,000. The Age of U.S. yoga practitioners are 40.6%: 18 - 34 years of age, 41.0%: 35-54 years of age and 18.4%: Over 55 years of age (Namasta, 2012). Bikram Choudhury is an Indian yoga guru and he is the founder of Bikram Yoga. Bikram Yoga is a 26 postures type of Hatha yoga done in a hot (105 degrees Fahrenheit or greater) environment. Bikram yoga simplified the techniques of traditional yoga and became popular in the early 1970s. Bikram patented the 26 postures under the U.S. copyright. In 2006 he had more than 1650 Yoga Studios around the world. He is the person who owns the biggest gyms in America. [ (Bikram Yoga College, 2012) ] In the other hand there is a former model named Tara Stiles, she start practicing just for the relax feeling and made her first YouTube videos for a request of his model job in Ford Modeling Agency. After leaving the modeling agency, she decided to make her own yoga classes so, she make more videos to promote her. She also wrote for a couple of blogs (Women’s Health and The Huffington). She became popular because she was very straightforward and good looking; and more important, she made the yoga lessons simple and without the Sanskrit words for the poses or chant in her classes. But beside her success she does not think in patent her class’s style. [ (IMDb, 2012) ] The Hindu American Foundation is a group is an advocacy group...
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